Build Your Perfect Semi-Automatic Weapon

Purchase semi-automatic rifle accessories and parts in Ore City, TX

When it comes to self-defense, competitions, target shooting and hunting, AR rifles are an excellent option. AR rifles are light-recoiling and durable. They can also be accessorized to fit your needs. If you’re searching for AR rifles and accessories, look no further than Wolf Tactical in Ore City, TX.

Our experts can help you find the perfect rifle for you. We have a wide array of gun products, all made with superior materials. When you purchase an item from us, you can be sure you’re receiving top-of-the-line products. Talk to us today about your weapon needs. Using our extensive knowledge and years of experience with guns, we’ll guide you toward the right products.

Create the weapon you need at Wolf Tactical

Work with us to equip your weapon with a variety of features. We offer:

  • AR-10 rifles
  • AR-15 carbines
  • Semi-automatic rifle parts
  • Semi-automatic rifle accessories

You can build a complete weapon from the parts and accessories we sell, which includes rifle scopes, slings and upper receivers. Our products come with lifetime warranties and we offer discounts to law enforcement and military personnel. Get in touch with us now to get ready for your next gun show competition.

Invite us to your next gun show

We’re willing to travel to gun shows in the Ore City, TX area to showcase our AR-10s and AR-15s for sale. Take a look at our selection in person and rely on us to lead you to the right products.

Call right away at 936-346-2519 to book us for an upcoming gun show. Your crowd will love our selection.

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